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Souvenirs and products: Sourcakes or Sheepskin

This week we are going to tell you all the products made from sheep’s milk.

Today it’s the turn of the local butter or the brush, which is a tasty breakfast and is eaten with jam or honey.

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Butter is called in our village. Sheep butter is a dessert for breakfast.

After preparing yogurt, using a sheep lamb, the way we read it in the previous one, put it in a can of sour taste. It then puts it inside the musk and shakes the musk for a long time and over time it adds us to musk, cold water or ice.

The musk, the skin of the goat, has four arms and legs closed at the end and has a neck-like face and is blocked with a piece of conical wood.

This is done so much so that our fat, namely butter, is separated from ours.

After the dough reaches a good condition (this state is empirically evident for dysfunctional women and girls), they are reluctant to shake continuously and prepare a bowl that has already been prepared and open the musk. They make the contents of the musk inside the container.
The cream that has been produced in converting yogurt to dough is floating on a dough.
Due to the stickiness of the dough to the muscle walls, the whole butter in the dough is not removed from the musk, and less than a quarter of the milk fat content remains in the dough.

In order to remove the sphere inside the musk, after evacuation of the dough, they take the musk and give it a sharp stir, causing the separation of the butter from the walls of the musk and all the butter out. .

For the production of yellow oil, which is one of the products of animal made from cow’s milk or sheep, so that after preparing butter from yogurt obtained from fresh milk, it is boiling up to the water and dough in the butter The whole disappears and evaporates, which is the result of oily work. Yellow oil is an aroma of yellow.