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Souvenirs and products of Sourdan: Milk (Milk Milk)

This week we are going to tell you all the products that are made from animal milk.

Today, the first step in this long process is to milk the milk.

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Milk sheep:

At the beginning of the spring, shepherds take the sheep to the top of the mountains in cool areas. The migration from warm areas to cooler areas is called summer summers.

Of course, some herdsmen keep sheep in the holds.

At noon every day the sheep will return milk from the sheep. It should be noted that before carrying, two dishes should be added and the milk sewn from each sheep in a larger container. When sipping, you should sit down and hold the dish with two feet to keep it free. Sometimes milk may be low or high.

cow milk :

Cows are usually dosed in three ways

These methods are: Fold-way-Two-finger mode-Thirty ways.

1. A funny way:

In this method, the pacifiers are placed in a fist and with a compression given from top to bottom by the thumb and forefinger,
The milk flows and regularly open the milk valve and repeat the operation.
This method, if properly done with skill,
Never hurt the breast, it’s the best way and it’s commonplace in most parts of the world.

2- Two-finger mode:

In this way, which is the easiest way, the bottom of the pacifier is located between the two fingers of the thumb and forefinger, pulled downward.
This method of delivery is more specific to cows with small and short pacifiers,
But because it causes excessive consumption of the pacifier, it can not be continued forever.
Because it will cause bruises and annoyance.

3- Sixth method:

In this method, the knee is bent over the palm of your hand and the breast is folded between the fingers and folds and squeezed between these two fingers.
As a result, milk is removed from the pacifiers.
In this method, as with a handful of other fingers, it is also used during milking.

This is the preferred method of milking with a double-fingered hand.

After the milk is delivered, some of the sheep or sheep are produced a lot of them, which will be given to them in the next few days.