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Souvenirs and products of Sourband: Kutag (Yogurt)

This week we are going to tell you all the products that are made from animal milk.

In the previous article, we saw the milking method of cattle or sheep. In this article, we are going to explain the method of preparing yogurt for milk.

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Yogurt is a tasty dairy prepared from cow’s milk or sheep’s milk. Yogurt can be eaten with or without food. You can use yogurt such as Mint or Pune to make it taste better.

After boiling, they suck the milk into the container and then close the lid and put it in a warm environment like a blanket. In this process, the lactobacillus lactose bacteria changed the milk to lactic acid and also gave the milk a jelly tissue. After a few hours yogurt is ready.

We use ours to prepare other products, which we will discuss in the next section