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Souvenirs and products of Sarbandan: Chertan (Kashk)

This week we are going to tell you all the products that are made from animal milk.

In the previous article, we have seen how to milk milk from a cattle or sheep and make yogurt. In this article, we are going to explain the method of making whey from yogurt.

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After making yogurt, milk is mixed with a little water, and they mix up so much so that they can get one-handed dough. Then place it on the heat and mix it every few minutes to dry it well. Once the dough has been obtained, it is put in a cloth to allow it to be well drained and then to the desired shape and allow it to dry completely. After that, local whey is present.

After that, soak it first to soak it and then crumble after softening. After the curds have been softened, it is good to use a dishwasher to turn it into a liquid.

A “dash” example is a container for picking whey