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Local games

A double bulb

A double ball, a two goal flower, Bash Dash, Five Five, Pasang Ka, Game Reggaeton or Sangcharran are some Iranian games made with a number of rocks. These games are designed to not have age and gender restrictions.

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Alak dolak

First, players choose between two people as headmaster. Then, the two groups will choose their own help groups.

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Seven stones

Seven Stones is a native Iranian game. As its name suggests, putting together seven pieces of smooth stone from the big to the small game begins.

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hide and seek

Pau Graterneck is a game in which a person picks up his eyes for a while and hides others, after which he can find his eyes to find others who are hidden. This game is usually played in open environments and the number of participants is unlimited.

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Flogging game

The whipping of the game is one of the local native games that is specially for the men, including two teams in which there is a team in Koo and the other is placed outside Koo.

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Marbles game

Mending or playing a game is a recreational game with glass balls that must be removed from the range by rolling glass balls (marbles) and moving them.

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